A new album by The Oscillation : “Singularity Zones Vol.1” released 31/7/2022 as digital download.

Check it here on Bandcamp:

The Oscillation – Singularity zones Vol.1

Exploring influences such as The Durutti Column, Roy Montgomery, Spectrum, and Berlin school 70s synth pioneers, the result is a collection of expansive sound collages and compositions, awash with kosmiche synth drones, hypnotic percussion and inventive guitar mixed into an effects laden whirlpool.

All of the tracks originate from one day of improvisation and, upon revisiting, took the same path to completion over several extensive sessions. Systematically using one instrument at a time over all the tracks before moving on to the next sound and repeating the process through all the compositions. One sound becomes another, avoiding re-takes, and moving on quickly to the next without too much thought or analysis. In this way all the compositions started to share sounds and feelings in common and take shape together. The same ethos was applied to the application of effects and mixing.
Jem Doulton kindly provides meditative drum pulses and gentle cymbals swells throughout, complementing and allowing space for each sound to live and breathe.

Amid summery lysergic landscapes, colourful amorphous shapes wander across the distant horizon. Slowly the music evaporates as it meets atmosphere, inviting you to let go of your self and merge with the infinite.

Here they are presented in “Singularity Zones Vol.1”, the first in a series of albums recorded in the same zone.