Here’s The Kyvu Tapes Vol.3,
Some more tracks I’ve found from my cassette transfers a couple of years ago, and re-explored recently to see what else is there.

It’s a strange thing, going down a lot of memory lanes and remembering the people I met, the way that I felt.. or the people I didn’t meet and the alienation, an alienation that seems similar now.

All the tracks were recorded between 1989-92 (if my memory serves me correctly).

Most tracks were recorded in Cornwall at my mum’s house in a village called The Lizard.
A mesmerising part of the world overlooking the Atlantic and Kynance Cove, a strange rock that adds to the mystery of the place.
These were times of intense self-exploration, ocean gazing and loneliness.

Other tracks were recorded in a basement flat in Shepherds Bush, London where I lived on my own for a few months in 1991. I have some nice memories of being there seeing lots of great bands and spending a lot of time working in peace, having moved to London for the first time.

And finally I think Zero Point may have been recorded when I lived in Cambridge for a while or in Seven Sisters back in London.

I moved around or moved house/town/city quite a lot back then but would often, and inevitably, find myself retreating back to the tranquility and desolate beauty of The Lizard where I would find and lose myself, recuperate, dreams and fears intertwined, walking across a strange and dramatic landscape, staring at the sea and wondering what might lie ahead if only I could make something happen.

I can now hear elements of what would become The Oscillation.

It’s a great liberation and consolidation to get these old recordings out there. I ain’t claiming to split the atom here, but thanks for listening, and if you enjoy any of it, or it helps your mood or day, that makes me happy.
releases April 26, 2020

Photo from 1992 (I think)
Image manipulated by Julian Hand