“Singularity Zones Vol.3” released October 7, 2022 on bandcamp as digital download.

Check it here:

Welcome to Singularity Zones Vol.3
The basis for all these tracks were recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder in 2019. The intention being to record as many coherent starting points as possible, whether a simple drone or chord progression to be completed further down the line. It’s only now in 2022 I find myself completing the tracks having been recently transferred to ProTools after a 3 year gestation.
The same ethos has been applied to completing these recordings, in treating each piece of music as part of a greater whole which I’ve been able to move about within, eventually bringing them all to completion without overthinking.

I’m joined again by Jem Doulton who adds drum/percussion

I felt the need to provide some alternative mixes here, as there were some other elements in the original mixes I wanted to bring out.
released October 7, 2022

GTR/synths/percussion- D.Castellanos
Drums/percussion- Jem Doulton

Recorded and mixed/mastered by D.Castellanos