“Singularity Zones Vol.2” released 12/8/2022 as digital download.

Check it here on Bandcamp:

The Oscillation – Singularity zones Vol.2

Based around 2 longer compositions, opening track V.I.P (very important particle) is a mutant cluster of frequencies in a hyperspace disco playing at half speed. Clattering percussion reverberating over a monotone pulsing synth bass and hypnotic kick. Akin to Death In Vegas “Satan’s Circus” era.
The Return Of Missing Time provides some reflection, in homage to the work of Vini Reilly, a long time influence.
Track 3 “Spiral Up” lifts your spirits to the closing plateaux of “Glass Ceiling” where the celestial bodies and stars continue their never ending revolutions. Tom toms and cymbals are once again provided by Jem Doulton on drums seemingly conducting and guiding the shifting sounds and endless intertwining repetitive melodies and guitar harmonics.

Here they are presented in “Singularity Zones Vol.2”, the second in a series of albums recorded in the various zones.