Atmospheric, gloomy, gothic. Almost See by London freaks The Oscillation a prime example of brown acid psych at its menacing, hedonistic best. Synth-driven whirrs whisk you in to the neverworld that this guitar band create, before a rumbling Bauhaus bassline, bleepy keyboard bloops and tyrannical squeals of guitar feedback throw you into the not-so-distant dystopian future – it’s like a (good) sci-fi film crafted sonically by a band finely tuned in to the deepest realms of the human psychee. Jenny Hval might have her own genre in ‘soft dick rock’, but The Oscillation serve up a hefty 6 minutes here of Phillip K. Dick rock.



Out next month on a split 7′ with Portugese psychedelic warlords 10,000 Russos, It might be a psychedelic gem, but it’s far removed from the strawberry fields that are genuinely brought into your mind by the term. Instead Almost See is a prime nugget of psych Spacemen 3-style marrying escapist squealing guitars with a vision of a bleak, dystopian future that we can all almost see too.

(Words: Cal Cashin)