UK’s Fuzz Club Records are streaming the new split single from 10,000 Russos and The Oscillation. This is the latest edition to Fuzz Club’s Split Single series, one that already boasts The Black Angels, A Place To Bury Strangers, Alan Vega, The Telescopes and more.

10,000 Russos’ “Ashkenasi” is near-on seven minutes of droning, mystical psych. Both atmospheric and primal, and propelled with a stomping mantra, the Portuguese trio conjure up dark motorik rhythms with their use of incessant, minimalistic percussion, screeching electronic dissonance, white noise and otherworldly guitars submerged in fuzz. Take this and add the enchanting, ritualistic vocals of João Pimenta and it’s not hard to see why 10,000 Russos have been making their mark in European psych since the release of their self-titled on Fuzz Club in 2015.

The other side belongs to The Oscillation and their industrial and menacing cut ‘Almost See’. The track is propelled by an unremitting gothic bass-line that roils through a sinister wash of celestial noise, stabs of fuzzed-out guitars, inaudible murmurs and discordant synths – making for a truly immersive, yet eerily foreboding, piece of psychedelia.

via Northern Transmissions