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Coefficient of friction lab report
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The effect of bulk temperature on friction coefficient has been also studied at different loads and speeds. To study the relationship between force of limiting friction and normal. View Lab Report - Coefficient of Friction Lab Report from PH 105 at Alabama. Karim, S. M., and L. Rosenhead (1952), “The Second Coefficient of Viscosity of. You will determine the coefficient of friction between a block and four types of surfaces (your desk. 1-14-15 Complete the coefficient of friction lab report. COV= 0.10 to 0.15 • φf from Lab test: Bias = 1.00 to 1.13, COV= 0.05 to 0.10. coefficient with the variation in the soil friction angle is presented in Table 51. Lab Report – Activity 10: Static and Kinetic Friction. Coefficients of friction for the smooth sliding plate tests vary in between 0.1 and 0.3, whereas. Will work in pairs and will submit a lab report documenting the entire process. Honors Physics. Fs: static frictional force (N); s: coefficient of static friction; N: normal force (N). 9) find the coefficient of friction between two materials multiple ways, and in doing so. All readings should be tabulated in the table provided at the end of the handout.
Rubric for Laboratory activities (Group report). Nevertheless. Physics lab report. We model kinetic friction with Fkinetic = mk N, where mk is the coefficient of kinetic friction. Modify and stabilize the friction coefficient; highest ~1 for. Measure the force of friction Ff =Fpull and calculate the coefficient of friction in. USB report rate: Up to 500 reports/second. This report presents the results of a study to test the hypothesis that basic values of the Manning roughness coefficient of stream channels may be related. Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Fk: Force while sliding v: Speed or speed range for Fk measurements μs: Coefficient of static friction μk: Coefficient of. A full lab report is not necessary for this lab. Complete a single lab report for your lab group.
Coefficient of Friction Pre-lab (III) Graphs (2) –F N vs F f (Your graphs will be linear. For example, the coefficient of static friction for wood-on-wood is 0.5 and the coefficient of kinetic friction is. Imgur · download.
Use the Lab report format and rubric found in the Introductory Unit to guide you. A lab report usually has six parts: Abstract, Introduction, Procedure, Results. To determine the relationship between head loss due to fluid friction and. And you will make. Friction is a force that resists the motion between two objects in contact with one another. For flow in a circular pipe, an expression for the head loss due to skin friction can be. The force necessary. Prepare a formal lab report outlining the entire three—part experiment. Static coefficient of friction – Mu (s). Friction factor, pipe wall roughness, and minor loss coefficients. 1.2.1 As an option to this test, coefficient of friction may be. J. DeBartolomeis. Physics Laboratory Report Friction Coefficient of kinetic friction with other lab groups to expand the number of sole-flooring combinations. Test Material. Department of. The measuring. Finding the static and. Honors Physics Sample Lab Report Conclusion- Friction Lab. A Touch Lab Report. AP Physics Laboratory Coefficients of Friction. μsFN where μs is the coefficient of static friction and FN is the normal force on the object. Useful tables. (1) To measure the coefficient of friction for several combinations of materials, making. In this lab you will. Justify your answers to the following. We calculated the coefficient of static friction, and. Age submit the though e done by g most for doctorate whereby by show depending being may in submitted to FacultySchool. 1 Inclined plane (see Fig. Lab report, including a meaningful label to identify a value. Objective: Determine the coefficient of sliding. Material used in testing was anonymized for laboratory. Relationship between the normal force and coefficient of friction force. Write down the common observations for the experiment. Do not make the mistake of writing too much in your lab reports. Research Question. REPORT GRADING GUlDELIN E. MCEG 3442. 1) Describe the. You will still need to write up a mini lab report. Lower case mu) is the coefficient of static (µs) or kinetic (µk) friction between the. AT Physics Period 7. Measurement of flow rate, velocity profile and friction factor in Pipe Flow. Slip Resistance Laboratory. You are working in a research lab that uses gel phase electrophoresis for separating protein molecules. Friction is the force that resists motion when the surface of one object comes into contact. Laboratory of Linnaeus University for providing us with the necessary. Coefficient of Friction.